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Design your own earrings with the settings shown above, using any of these natural stones or mother of pearl:


(pale green)


(dark red, slightly translucent)

black onyx



(red flecks against dark green)

African turquoise

(mostly green, with black and brown flecks)

landscape jasper

(light brown with brown and/or black patterning)


(yellowish green with pink patches)

poppy jasper

(dark red, gray, and orange)

Montana agate

(light gray blue with black patterning)

rose quartz

(pale pink, slightly translucent)


(dark blue, sometimes with white or gray streaks)

leopard skin jasper

(spotted brown, gray, copper; occasional stripes)

Mother of Pearl

(ivory and slightly translucent)

NOTE: Semi-precious stones that have significant natural variations in color or patterning are more difficult to match than solid color stones such as aventurine, black onyx, carnelian, and rose quartz. Please keep this in mind when ordering earrings set with stones such as landscape jasper, leopard skin jasper, and Montana agate. Also, because antique brass plating does not work well with Montana agate stones, we do not offer earrings with this combination.  Please call our toll free, customer service number if you have any questions about our Half Dome™ earrings.


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