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Cowgirl 'TTRACTION™ sets

include a magnetized "Half Dome" in addition to the stone bead necklace, two magnetic ornaments, and horseshoe "back" magnet!

the three ways to wear a Cowgirl 'TTRACTION™ set

option 1    

wear the necklace with an ornament as pendant




Here a carnelian "Half Dome" adorns the center of a sunburst ornament, with the adorned ornament magnetically attached to the open center of the necklace's clasp.


option 2

wear the necklace with the adorned side of the clasp hanging pendant and an ornament as small brooch


Here is a carnelian necklace with a liberty dime clasp hanging pendant and a Half Dome-adorned ornament worn (virtually) as a brooch. A magnet mounted on a metal horseshoe stamping (not pictured) forms the back of the brooch.

NOTE: A coin stamping adorns one side of the clasp on 'TTRACTION™ necklaces (the unadorned side is the side that attracts the set's pendant ornaments and Half Dome) and each 'TTRACTION™ set includes one brooch "back."

option 3

wear the set's "Half Dome" in the necklace clasp -- either pendant or at the back of the neck


Here a liberty dime clasp holds a carnelian Half Dome that conceals in its bezel setting the magnet that allows the versatile piece to attach quickly and easily to the center of 'TTRACTION™ necklace clasps or open center piece ornaments.

Cowgirl 'TTRACTION necklace clasp and ornament choices

buffalo nickel stamping

(antique nickel or antique brass plating)

liberty dime stamping

(antique nickel or antique brass plating)


Choose one of these two, open-center ornaments and one small ornament from the three shown below.  All ornaments are available in antique brass or antique nickel plating.






two necklace lengths (19" or 25") available to suit different tastes/neck sizes


25-inch poppy jasper necklace with rectangle ornament

Poppy Jasper

Leopard Skin Jasper

19-inch Montana agate necklace with leaf ornament


Montana Agate

Rose Quartz

Black Onyx

Landscape Jasper


Separate-Purchase, Solid Metal Inserts


These fit both styles of necklace clasp and the open-center hammered and sunburst ornaments.



("Q" and "X" are the only letters that are not available)



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