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Robin Schlinger is one of the few women of her generation who never pierced her ears.  In the 1980s Robin wore clip earrings to accessorize her drab lawyer attire, but the earrings were painful and often the cause of adverse skin reactions. Robin -- like many others -- is allergic to nickel.

Rare earth magnets provided the solution. Experimenting with various grades of sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets to which clear plastic discs had been attached with E6000®, Robin found these magical findings could hold ornaments on her ears without causing an allergic reaction. She also learned how NdFeB magnets could be used to attach brooches (no pinholes), necklaces and bracelets (no tiny, hard-to-fasten clasps), and pendants (no enhancer when the necklace's magnetic clasp is used as a mount). Possibly most importantly, she learned how a magnetic necklace clasp with an appropriately-sized "outside" cavity counteracts the magnetic edge effect and avoids shear. See

The jewelry advertised here by the limited liability company ("LLC") Robin founded, an LLC she owns and manages with her husband Douglas Post, is made in the state that sits on both the west and east sides of the Teton Range.  (Jackson Hole Wyoming, the high altitude valley from which the company launched in the mid-1990s, lies on the east side and Pierre Tevanitagon's "Hole" -- pictured below -- lies on the west side.  This western hole is the one that is home to Magnetic West LLC's office operations.)

from photo by T. L. Mair --

An organizational shift to a location outside the "Equality State" is not desired because the territory that now is Wyoming was the first place women were granted the right to vote, married women were guaranteed property rights separate from their husbands, and LLCs were recognized as American business entities. However, if making "natural earth" magnets to replace ones made of ever-scarcer rare earth metals cannot happen easily in the magnetic state with the good motto (Wyoming - "equal rights") or elsewhere in America, the company will consider moving to a new location. See the discussion in "focus" below. This webpage will be updated should the assembly location of the copyrighted and trademarked jewelry that now is made in the U.S. -- of parts obtained solely from U.S. suppliers -- change.


Though many consumers are familiar with powerful magnets because of their widespread use in therapeutic applications, Magnetic West LLC has focused efforts on creating beautiful jewelry with magnetic function. The company's semi-precious stone bead 'ttraction™ sets rely on high-strength magnets for necklace fastening and brooch and pendant attachment, making them perfect for those who are losing (or have lost) eyesight, dexterity, or patience with conventional clasps. As long as Magnetic West LLC has rare earth magnet inventory and remains the exclusive licensee of Robin's U. S. utility patent (No. 5,806,346), work on these necklace-brooch sets and other magnetic jewelry will continue. However, the company is hoping for success with lodestone from greigite research so that NdFeB magnets will remain readily available for use in electric engines and wind turbines. See Robin believes lodestone may have formed at the edges of earth surfaces by celestial and earth systems acting on the iron sulfide certain bacteria make, an iron sulfide the USGS named greigite in 1964. The company's founder also believes humans might be able to use synthetic or natural greigite to make lodestone. On this website's greigite.htm webpage are the results of the research Robin performed with the assistance of two California university libraries. For more information on the potentially-important magnetotactic bacteria that live in the deepest part of America's magnetic west and in other places on the surface of our watery planet, see Drs. Bazylinski/Lefèvre's reported work ( and Environmental Microbiology Reports, 8: 939–940 (2016)), work Lei Yan et al. apparently have chosen to ignore in Microbiological Research reports on the state of bacterial magnetosome research.


The Gem by Gem page on the International Colored Gemstone Association's website [] has information on the stones the company uses. Relevant information appears under the headings "quartz," "agate," "onyx," "bloodstone," and "jasper." 

Wikipedia provides thorough information on the magnets Magnetic West LLC uses [] and another interesting "read" is Alfred Still's The Soul of Lodestone: the Background of Magnetical Science (Murray Hill 1946).  By entering Patent No. 5,806,346 at one can find the patent that covers the company's 'ttraction™ necklace sets.

Trail Creek (near Victor), Darby Creek (near Driggs), and Teton Creek (near Alta) all flow from the Tetons' west side to and into the Teton River that flows through Pierre's Hole Idaho. Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling's great composition/performance on the sustaining power of a river and water can be listened to here: (The Water is available for purchase on iTunes.)


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